How to use machines

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Management: Central to MAAS is the powerful machine management interface that gives you full control over your physical servers. Monitor statuses, manage configurations, and control your entire fleet with ease.

Customisation: Tailor each machine to meet your exact specifications. From hardware details to OS configuration, ensure every machine serves its purpose perfectly in your infrastructure.

Commissioning: Before deploying, commission your machines to guarantee they’re fit for purpose. Test hardware, update firmware, and verify network configurations, all within the MAAS framework.

Allocation: Dynamic allocation allows for efficient resource utilisation. Assign machines to users and workloads on-demand, optimising your operations for peak performance and agility.

Deployment: Automate the installation of operating systems and services. Streamline your workflow by deploying machines with pre-configured settings that fit right into your existing processes.

Resource pools: Organise your machines into resource pools to streamline allocation based on workload, department, or any other organisational structure, enhancing your operational efficiency.

Notes/annotations: Keep track of important information with the ability to add notes and annotations to your machines. This ensures that vital data is always at your fingertips when you need it.

Power drivers: Maintain ultimate control with robust power management. Use MAAS power drivers to remotely manage power operations, ensuring your machines are instantly responsive.

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