Navigate MAAS like a pro

New to MAAS? Don’t fret. We’ve got a collection of tutorials to get you on the fast track to mastering infrastructure management with MAAS.

The following tutorials help you get MAAS up and running:

  1. Bootstrap MAAS” will help you quickly get up to speed on MAAS basics. Here, you can learn the essentials:
  • Set up MAAS server
  • Create accounts and API keys
  • Enlist nodes
  • Deploy Ubuntu
  1. Our “Try out the MAAS CLI” tutorial delivers the CLI basics, letting you elevate your terminal game for scalable infrastructure control:
  • Manage nodes
  • Deploy OS images
  • Configure networking
  • Monitor clusters

These advanced feature tutorials help you learn some finesse when using MAAS:

  1. For unique deployments, explore “Create a custom image”:
  • Customise the Ubuntu base
  • Add packages
  • Tweak settings
  1. For terminal wizards, “Get fancy CLI output” Leverage jq to maximise your CLI capabilities:
  • Refining CLI output
  • Custom tables and views
  • GUI-like summaries

Master these tutorials and you’ll be running MAAS like a seasoned pro in no time.

Last updated 3 days ago.