How to upgrade PostgreSQL 12 to version 14

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Create a data backup

Optional but strongly advised: backup all existing data.

sudo -u postgres pg_dumpall > backup.sql

Perform the upgrade

  1. Update and install packages
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install postgresql-14 postgresql-server-dev-14
  1. Halt the old server
    sudo systemctl stop postgresql.service
  1. Migrate configuration files
    sudo -u postgres /usr/lib/postgresql/14/bin/pg_upgrade \
    --old-datadir=/var/lib/postgresql/12/main \
    --new-datadir=/var/lib/postgresql/14/main \
    --old-bindir=/usr/lib/postgresql/12/bin \
    --new-bindir=/usr/lib/postgresql/14/bin \
    --old-options '-c config_file=/etc/postgresql/12/main/postgresql.conf' \
    --new-options '-c config_file=/etc/postgresql/14/main/postgresql.conf'
  1. Reconfigure server ports
    sudo vim /etc/postgresql/14/main/postgresql.conf  # Set port to 5432
    sudo vim /etc/postgresql/12/main/postgresql.conf  # Set port to 5433
  1. Activate new server and verify version
    sudo systemctl start postgresql.service
    sudo -u postgres psql -c "SELECT version();"
  1. Execute new cluster script
    sudo -u postgres ./

Reset user passwords

PostgreSQL v14 defaults to scram-sha-256 for password hashing. Redefine all existing passwords.

sudo -u postgres psql
postgres=# \password $USER

Or, modify /etc/postgresql/14/main/pg_hba.conf to switch back to md5. But be cautious, as future versions may not support MD5.

Remove old version

  1. Remove old packages
    sudo apt-get remove postgresql-12 postgresql-server-dev-12
  1. Delete configuration and data
    sudo rm -rf /etc/postgresql/12/
    sudo -u postgres ./

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