Scripts and automation with MAAS

Never do by hand what a computer can reliably do by script

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In the complex landscape of modern data centres and cloud-based computing, the need for robust, flexible, and automated solutions is paramount. Enter MAAS—Metal as a Service—a powerful platform that brings a new level of control and agility to your network. But did you know MAAS goes beyond the basics, offering specialised scripting tools that give you granular control over your operations? Let’s dive into the various tools you can leverage:

  • Commissioning Scripts: Imagine a scenario where you’re not just commissioning servers but doing it in a way that’s tailor-fitted to your needs. MAAS makes this possible with its flexible commissioning scripts mechanism, opening doors to nuanced setups and configurations.

  • Hardware Test Scripts: Ensure your hardware’s reliability and performance by putting it through rigorous, customisable testing. With MAAS, you’re not just deploying; you’re deploying with confidence.

  • Terraform Integration: For those vested in Infrastructure as Code (IaC), MAAS has got you covered with a fully-functional Terraform provider. Seamlessly integrate your IaC practices with your MAAS setup for a holistic approach to network management.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Uncover the full capabilities of MAAS scripting tools and elevate your network management to the next level.

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