Virtual machine management

Unleashing the power of virtual machines with MAAS

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Virtual machines (VMs) aren’t just emulators—they’re your secret sauce for time and cost efficiency in the cloud era. Nestled within a single physical machine, each VM runs its own OS and suite of applications, turning one computer into a multitasking powerhouse.

MAAS VM universe

At the heart of this transformation is MAAS, a one-stop-shop for managing VMs. While LXD steals the spotlight as the recommended VM host, MAAS extends its arms to embrace libvirt and VMWare. This means you’re spoilt for choice, picking the virtualisation flavour that tickles your fancy.

Set up your VM host

But before you dive into this world of endless possibilities, you’ll need to lay down the VM host groundwork. Whether you’re an LXD enthusiast or have a soft spot for libvirt or VMWare, MAAS holds your hand through the setup journey. With the host in place, your playground for creating, tailoring, and discarding VMs through MAAS’ sleek UI or the powerful CLI is set.

Mastering MAAS VMs

Commanding the CLI, you’ll unlock higher-level spells: from resource allocation wizardry to network configuration alchemy. And voila, your MAAS realm transforms into a bustling city of diverse VM citizens, each tasked with a special purpose.

Easier VM management

But what’s the real payoff? Effortless VM management allows you to run different OSes and apps on a single machine. Translation: hefty cost and labour savings, optimal resource utilisation, and quick-turnaround adaptability.

So, step into the world of MAAS, where managing VMs isn’t just convenient — it’s borderline magical.

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