Utilizing the Python API client

The python-libmaas client library is the developer’s conduit to the MAAS ecosystem

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Crafted for developers, integrators, and administrators, the python-libmaas client library provides substantial access to various MAAS endpoints.

Library endpoints

Currently, the library extends its tentacles to these key eight endpoints:

  • account
  • boot-sources and boot-resources
  • machines, devices, region controllers, rack controllers
  • events
  • configuration
  • tags
  • version
  • zones

For an in-depth understanding of the terminology, these resources are your go-to guides:

Using python-libmaas

Kick-start your journey with these useful external links:

For hands-on examples to get you up and running, visit the Python libmaas client guide^.

For package details on PyPI, consult this external link^.

Whether you’re a seasoned MAAS administrator or a new entrant, python-libmaas offers a streamlined way to engage with the MAAS universe.

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