Device labelling and annotations

Don’t name your machines; use labels and annotations to recognize them

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In the realm of device management, MAAS takes labelling and classification to an elevated level, offering you an unparalleled command centre for your machines. Utilising an array of features like tags, annotations, and dynamic descriptors, MAAS turns the tedious task of machine management into a streamlined and efficient process. These tools not only make your UI dashboards instantly navigable but also deeply customisable.

Machine tags serve as your mainstay for organisation. They go beyond mere sorting; they’re instrumental in influencing machine configurations during deployment phases. For instance, you can leverage machine tags to apply specific kernel options during the boot sequence.

But that’s not all. MAAS offers two types of annotations for your machines: static and dynamic. While static annotations remain as permanent notes, dynamic annotations are ephemeral and exist only for the span of a particular deployment. This duality allows for both enduring and situation-specific notes to be attached to your devices.

Mastering the art of using machine tags is key to optimising the MAAS experience. Plus, you can take your organisation a step further by tagging controllers. This feature is particularly useful for differentiating among controllers at a glance. And don’t forget about storage and network tags, which enable you to store and easily recall specific configurations for both storage solutions and network interfaces.

In summary, MAAS device labelling features turn the complex labyrinth of device management into a navigable map, making it effortless to manage and configure your machines.

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